Wonderful interpretation by Andrea Bacchetti. I wanted to share, almost a note by note, Andrea’s interpretation. Each and every one of them is a masterpiece. I could spend hours going through the hows and whys of Bach, Andrea, Massimilano and the Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto.

Another wonderful creator in this interpretation is the record and sound producer(s) – excellent work. The clarity is just incredible and it’s especially true for a live concert. Together with Andrea, they created almost a harpsichord-like clarity, with the depth and warmth of a piano. Listen to how Andrea lays out the notes and how each is clearly heard in both its individual glory and its majestic flow (the video is linked to the third movement).

Third movement – demonstration of the sound production clarity

It remains a mystery why one can appreciate this kind of music while others don’t.

Now, do yourself a favor and listen to the full concerto.

The full concerto